Let’s share some stories #brainstorming.

Let’s share some stories #brainstorming.

Roosevelt had to drop out to take care of his ill father.

I learned some positive insights on such a negative topic. It’s nice to know the reasons why different people drop out and not just fall into assumptions.

Teen Empowerment leader Courtney Baldwin discuss CapRadio’s first Youth Voices Workshop.

Teen Leadership Council member Chris Mitchell shares thoughts on CapRadio’s first youth voices workshop.

"She tells me she’s going to drop out of high school, because of all the pressure."

"I was struggling at home and I didn’t let that affect me …."

Turning Fear into Inspiration by Antonisha

"Dropping out of school is never the answer."

“I ended up having a child and I started to get unfocused in school. You have to realize that school comes first.    

"Really what got me through everything was my church."

Youth respond to the question “Why do students drop out?” in a group sculpture activity. A top reason high schoolers drop out? The need to take care of family members.